Dear all,

The GLAMwiki Toolset project is a collaboration between Wikimedia Nederland, 
Wikimedia UK, Wikimedia France, Wikimedia CH (Switzerland) and Europeana. The 
goal of the project is to provide a set of tools to make batch uploads of GLAM 
content in Wikimedia Commons as easy as possible. The additional tools have to 
make sure that re-use can easily be tracked; and that Commons materials can 
easily be integrated back into the collection of the original GLAM or even 
other GLAMs.


I use this email for mailing list only.

Charles ANDRES, Chief Science Officer
"Wikimedia CH" – Association for the advancement of free knowledge –
Skype: charles.andres.wmch

The Toolset is in beta test, and need help form the community to translate the 
interface, this tool aims to be multilingual and useful for GLAMs all around 
the world. Please help out with translations into your language:

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