While European Union is not really a Swiss topic, Swiss wikimedians may be 
interested to be part if this great project!


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> Objet: [Wikimedia-l] Fwd: Invitation to Chapters and Photographers for the 
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> Dear Chapters,
> this is a mail focused on chapters within the European Union but of course
> support and participation of any chapter is welcome!
> == Preamble ==
> Some might have heard about the State Parliament Projects done in Germany
> and Austria since 2009:
> A bunch of Wikipedians and photographers meet politicians in the
> parliament, shoot professional photos, discuss their Wikipedia articles
> etc. This way hundreds of free licensed, high quality images have been
> made, Wikipedia articles have been improved. In the latest project at
> Schwerin (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) we added videos, politicians give a short
> introduction about themselves, their position and political focus in German
> and in their mother tongue if different from German.
> About 20 photographers were able to participate and processes how to work
> with the parliament's administration, how to interact with the politicians,
> how to efficiently take a lot of photos in a short time and with good
> quality have been established.
> == Next Level: European Parliament ==
> Now we would like to take this to next level: After contacting the European
> Parliament I was able to get their approval, the support by the parties and
> a date!
> Unfortunately the date is already in February, 3rd to 7th, as we have to
> use the short time gap between budget deliberations and elections. MEPs
> only travel to the EP when deliberations are ongoing but then they are also
> busy with meetings, as soon as the election preperation starts there won't
> be any time for our project within the next 6 months.
> Anyway I am sure we can do that - the elections are also a great
> opportunity to raise awareness on our material we have in Wikipedia and on
> Commons. It is also an excellent opportunity to bring together volunteers
> in doing our core work together, maybe we can transfer the idea of
> Parliament Projects to other countries. Volunteers get the opportunity to
> learn from each other - the EP is a very challenging project, having more
> than 700 MEPs to be handled within a few days. And Wikipedia may improve
> its articles, also by bringing together volunteers from different EU
> countries. Many MEPs have their articles only in a few of the European
> languages, some not even in their native language!
> == Your Chapter Involved ==
> We are looking forward to get volunteers from as many countries as possible
> involved in this project. In order to be handle it we need approx. 35
> people to help. Obviously the german and austrian photographers are already
> waiting for it, from past projects they already know what will go on. But
> there is much more to it: We want your volunteers!
> Imagine a project where we could bring together volunteers from all 24
> language communities in the EU - that is what we are trying!
> Therefore we ask you for a favour:
> * please forward this invitation to your local community - you can point
> them to our project page on Wikimedia Commons:
> **
> https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Wikipedians_in_European_Parliament
> * does your chapter provide travel support for those volunteers in your
> country who want to participate? Please do so. Your chapter pays for the
> transportation to / from Strasbourg and the accommodation (around 300 EUR
> per person for all 6 nights), we take care of the rest (transportation
> hotel - EP, catering etc.)
> **
> https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Wikipedians_in_European_Parliament/Participation
> * does your chapter have photographic equipment we might need? We could use
> DSLRs, flash units, background systems, lenses...
> **
> https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Wikipedians_in_European_Parliament/Equipment
> * we would like to supply the volunteers with t-shirts or hoodies with
> Wikipedia logo or similar - for a unified appearance and to make them
> visible as volunteers and Wikimedians. Is your chapter (or the WMF?)
> interested in providing 90 shirts / hoodies? (We planned 2 pc. per person
> as they will be worn almost one week.)
> **
> https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Wikipedians_in_European_Parliament/Marketing
> * everyone who likes this project: state your support on the talk page of
> our grant request to the WMF which should cover the general costs of the
> project. By this grant request we make sure that each chapter only has to
> handle local support and can stay within it's budgeted limits and area of
> operation.
> **
> https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:PEG/Olaf_Kosinsky/Wikipedians_in_European_Parliament
> Thanks for your attention and your support! We are confident that even with
> the short time given we will be able to run an awesome project which will
> have an impact in so many areas - Wikipedia, Commons, our volunteers,
> chapter collaboration, outreach, reader experience...
> Regards,
> Olaf Kosinsky
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