On 10/15/05, Michael Bimmler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello,
> there will be a meeting at november 13th at Zurich (invitations are still to
> come, i hope, i can send them next week), where discussions will take place
> (but at the moment we think, that the real foundation will take part later
> on). There is information about this meeting on [[de:Wikipedia:Schweiz]];
> unfortunately only in German. Discussions are at [[meta:Wikimedia_CH]];
> there you can also find the bylaws, as well only in German. We hope, that we
> can "choose" a kind of end version of the bylaws at the november-meeting;
> which will than be translated into English and also be sent to the
> foundation for "approval".


Could you maybe give a summary of what is going to happen and where
and all info about the meeting on meta and link it from the main
Wikimdia_CH page?

I think it would be a good thing to advertise this meeting on the
various mailing lists and see who is interested. The more, the better.



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