Hi Ilario,

> I have read the report of Zürich meeting but I have understood that the
> charter (following the time plan) will be signed at start of 2006. Is
> this correct?
yes, that is right.

It's quite simple:
- The bylaws are ready right now and approved by the future members which have 
been at Zurich yesterday. We /could/ found the Wikimedia CH right away, but:
- In our case as we will (would like to) be a chapter of the Wikimedia 
Foundation, they (and their lawyers) have to approve our bylaws.
- As we will use a registered trademark in our name (Wikimedia) we also have 
to sign a trademark contract.

All this has to be done before founding the Wikimedia CH. We're sure that this 
will just be formality as the bylaws are mostly copied from the (already 
approved) bylaws of Wikimedia Germany. But it has to be done.

> I should have an interview at RSI1 (Swiss Italian Radio) about Wikipedia
> and Ticino+Wikipedia and I would talk also about the Wikimedia CH
> foundation, but I would be more careful.
Wel, you could say that we're on the way founding a Wikimedia CH. All other 
things concerning the Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects should not be 
affected by this.


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