On 11/15/05, Manuel Schneider [Everything Open]

> > 2) Dec 6 is too close a date for the Board to approve anything, the
> > schedule is very tight, and the Serbian Chapter already chose Dec. 4th
> > as their founding date, so they come first.
> Dec 6 is our deadline for sending the bylaws, not for getting them back.
> We are aware of the fact, that this will take some time, that is the reason
> why we didn't name a date for the meeting afterwards.

But as I said, any discussion can happen on the wiki, no need to send
anything. So this can be a continuous process until final bylaws are
approved by both parties.

> > 3) A "model" of the trademark agreement is still being processed, and
> > is a contract between the Foundation and the future chapter. As such
> > it will not be posted to the list, as this is a confidential
> > agreement, that should be available to the CH board. Details of course
> > can be explained without any problems.
> Ok, so we will not post it. Every future member who is interested in
> participating in the board could come to the meeting and discuss / sign it.
> The thing is that we don't have a board yet because there is no foundation
> yet.

Of course, but this will come in due time.

> > 4) Beginning of 2006 sounds great, maybe it would be good to start a
> > page now on meta to see what the possible dates would be for most
> > people to attend the founding meeting.
> Great! We really look forward this and I'm sure i'm saying that in the name of
> all future Wikmedia CH members.



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