Anthere and Notafish: Thanks a lot for you comments, we greatly appreciate your support of Wikimedia CH! So as I understand, bylaws don't need to be sent anywhere. Anyway, they will only be available in English (and French) somewhen around end of november.
2 short questions: a) Does the trademark agreement need to be signed by our part BEFORE or AFTER the foundation of Wikimedia CH? Because, when Wikimedia CH is founded, we obviously already use the "Wikimedia"-trademark, but before foundation, we can't provide a board to sign the agreement... Then, just two interested people would have to sign it.
b) If the board approved the bylaws, and we decide to make other changes, let's say one year in the future, do these changes have to be "reapproved" before they get legally valid?

PS: I'm sure, we can handle the thing with the chocolates (for board and chapter coordinator...) We only need an adress and your favourite chocolate type  (and we need to be sure, that you don't consider it as illegal bribery...)

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