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> 2 short questions: a) Does the trademark agreement need to be signed by our
> part BEFORE or AFTER the foundation of Wikimedia CH? Because, when Wikimedia
> CH is founded, we obviously already use the "Wikimedia"-trademark, but
> before foundation, we can't provide a board to sign the agreement... Then,
> just two interested people would have to sign it.

That's a question I just asked the board. I suppose those can be done
at the same time, and it doesn't really matter anyway, since the
bylaws are being approved by the board.
We'll see in due time how to get around this, but i don't see it as a
major problem.

> b) If the board approved the bylaws, and we decide to make other changes,
> let's say one year in the future, do these changes have to be "reapproved"
> before they get legally valid?

Well, once the bylaws and trademark agreement have been signed, I
don't see the point in having every little change signed and agreed to
by the board. I trust the chapter board to point out to the Chapter
coordinator/Foundation board if major changes are being planned.

In any case, the name Wikimedia is granted by the Foundation, so if a
rogue CH board decides to allow themselves to sell Wikipedia (or some
crazy thing like that) and putting it in the bylaws, the name can be
taken away in an instant.

So, I would say no. Just make sure the information flow works, and
that everyone knows what everyone is doing.


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