It was I who received yesterday the phone call at home of the french-speaking journalist who wanted to talk to the *swiss* person in charge of the press.

I was embarassed since I had no idea who it was :-)
She indicated the name she had was clearly not french and she spelled your name on the phone (I actually got it wrong, or her ...)

I went on irc (#wikipedia-de) and asked help on the matter. Presroi answered and gave me your user name (Napa I thinnk), so I could direct her to your user page on de.wikipedia. We wandered on your numerous pages :-) but we did not find any phone number nor obvious email adress there, so I recommanded she leaves you a message on talk page and an email through the wikipedia email. It was in the middle of the afternoon. Just after I hanged back, Presroi gave me your phone number.... too late....

Regarding this issue, if you have a sort of official status of press contact, your references (full name, pseudo, adress, email, phone) should be added on the internal wiki. That would be most helpful :-)

About contact
I do not think there is an official french-speaking contact in Swiss proper, at least I never heard of it. We actually are without french press contact in France since tuesday... due to the press contact having been made treasurer of the french association (Yann Forget)
So, the job is pending.

Most of the time, Ryo (Nicolas Weeger) and myself handle press requests in french... and it seems the french journalist who contacted you yesterday, just found the way to me by her own means... but she wanted the swiss contact :-) She did not tell me what was the issue, and in whole truth, I did not ask... sick children at home.

Note that I often answer press interviews from french swiss and french belgium journalists... I had one from Belgium this very week (l'écho, an economical newspaper) and am planned for a radio interview on next monday (Radio Suisse Romande).

I will also add that when we send press releases, we generally send them to 
european french press, regardless of the country. So, swiss press is generally 
informed. When I have time, I also try to send some press releases at least to 
some algerian and marocan press references (but these are definitly 

You are absolutely correct it would be interesting to have wikipedians 
motivated in doing more specifically the press contact in Switzerland for 
example. I hope the swiss chapter helps here... meanwhile, I must confess that 
likely, french speaking press is handled by Wikimedia France. German speaking 
press possibly by the verein ? and italian speaking swiss press possibly by 
Wikimedia Italy ?

The solution is likely that a press team from all over the world unite with the 
press officer of the Foundation, to make a tight team with all necessary 
connections. Work to do !


Angela wrote:

I thought some people on this list might be interested in this if
they're not on the wikimediach-l list.


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From: Nando Stöcklin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Jan 5, 2006 3:57 AM
Subject: [Wikimediach-l] PR and Media

Dear all

An unknown person has in the german article about the ETH-professor
[[Bertrand Meyer]] added a truthless sentence which said, that Mr
Meyer has died. A journalist of heise has found this false report an
has made it public. After this I (as I am responsible for PR and media
of Wikipedia in the german part of Switzerland) yesterday had phone
calls of two radio stations and of I-don't-know-how-many phone calls
of newspaper journalists. And after all, a phone call of Nano TV,
which is located in the french part of Switzerland. That posed two
- Is there a Wikipedian in the french and italian part of Switzerland
who is in charge of PR and media?
- If not, are there Wikipedians who would like or who could imagine
to be in charge of PR and media?

I really would appreciate, if we could start a good collaboration
what matters PR and media!

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