About the last e-mails I am a little bit confused and I place a question (Frieda, president of Wikimedia Italia is reading this e-mail in Bcc).

I received this e-mail (sorry it is in italian):

Mi occupo della formazione e dell'informazione per ADISI Associazione di Diritto Informatico della Svizzera Italiana www.adisi.ch. Facciamo anche una trasmissione radiofonica presso R3iii e Radio Fiume Ticino, con possibilità di riascoltare le puntate online o di scaricarle: Tam Tam (cfr. <http://www.adisi.ch/tamtam>).

Sarebbe d'accordo di farsi intervistare telefonicamente sul progetto Wikimedia CH per Tam Tam?

It is from Claude Almansi to have an interview about Wikimedia CH in a local radio in Tessin.

At moment I don't understand who should be informed. Normally I asked to Wikimedia Italia because the interviews was almost about Wikipedia, but this interview discuss about Wikimedia CH.

In my opinion the problem of PR and Media relations in Wikimedia CH should be clarified. I see that the other local chapters has not faced this problem because the language was only one (italian, french, english, polish), but Wikimedia CH is tri-linguistic (and perhaps 4-linguistic or 5-linguistic) and the problem could be present with other wikimedias in future and also in chapter with same language (i.e. Irish Chapter and English Chapter).

The swiss chapter at art.2 says:

(4) Dem Vereins-Zweck sollen namentlich dienen:

    * der Betrieb und die finanzielle Förderung des Betriebs von
      Internetsystemen zur Erstellung, Sammlung bzw. Verbreitung
      Freier Inhalte. Der Schwerpunkt soll dabei auf den verschiedenen
      internationalen Wikimedia-Projekten liegen.
    * die Verbreitung und die Förderung der Verbreitung Freier Inhalte
      auf anderen Wegen, zum Beispiel in digitaler oder gedruckter
      Form, mit Schwerpunkt auf den Inhalten der verschiedenen
      internationalen Wikimedia-Projekte.
    * die Beschaffung, Bereitstellung und Verbreitung von
      Informationen sowie die Öffentlichkeitsarbeit zum Thema Freie
      Inhalte, Wikis und den verschiedenen Wikimedia-Projekten. Dies
      soll beispielsweise durch Veranstaltungen oder
      Informationsmaterial geschehen.
    * die Klärung wissenschaftlicher, sozialer, kultureller und
      rechtlicher Fragen im Zusammenhang mit Freien Inhalten und Wikis
      zum Beispiel durch Gutachten, Studien und Vergabe von Stipendien.
    * die Förderung des Austausches und der Zusammenarbeit der
      Wikimedia-Projekte in den verschiedenen Sprachen, insbesondere
      in den Sprachen Deutsch, Französisch, Italienisch und
      Rätoromanisch sowie die Schweizer Dialekte in den alemannischen

(you can find in www.wikimedia.ch the translations)

but how this points could be reached whitout specific coordination by swiss chapter in three languages? The division of competencies in three different wikimedias could be self-defeating for swiss chapter or can became the swiss chapter to be a "swiss-deutsch" chapter. But I understand that Wikipedias are language-based and Wikimedias are country-based. How can we harmonize this scenario?

In my opinion we can have a "master PR Coordinator in each languages" who directs "regional PRs" for the condition like Swiss, but regional PRs should be "managed by local Wikimedia". It is important to not split the competencies between different wikimedias otherwise the Romandie and the Tessin and the Graubunden could be disadvantaged in this situation.



Florence Devouard wrote:

You are absolutely correct it would be interesting to have wikipedians motivated in doing more specifically the press contact in Switzerland for example. I hope the swiss chapter helps here... meanwhile, I must confess that likely, french speaking press is handled by Wikimedia France. German speaking press possibly by the verein ? and italian speaking swiss press possibly by Wikimedia Italy ?

The solution is likely that a press team from all over the world unite with the press officer of the Foundation, to make a tight team with all necessary connections. Work to do !


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