I absolutely agree here, what needs to be considered however is the following:
If we have discussions about formal/legal things (e.g. about the form of the foundation), it gets awfully difficult to translate these terms into English. But we should certainly try to write as much as possible in English from now on. If someone didn't understand one particular previous (german) mail, he shall please post the subject of the mail or, if this doesn't make it clear the url in the wikipedia mail archive, to the list, so that someone can translate this mail into english or give at least an abstract.

2006/1/10, Claudio M. <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
2006/1/6, Delphine Ménard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> And it is respect towards all of those who don't speak German to use
> English as a preferred language.
> Nando Manuel and Michael have answered better than I would, but let me
> say one thing. I hereby thank all of those who have made the effort to
> keep debates and discussions in English, so as to allow all those
> interested to participate. I would find it very sad that Wikimedia CH,
> which is, if any, one of the most interesting chapter when it comes to
> multilingualism, kept Swiss citizens away just because they *don't*
> speak German.

Purtroppo, la popolazione svizzero-tedesca - se non mi sbaglio, ma io
in Geografia sono sempre stato negato - è di numero maggiore rispetto
a quella francese, a quella italiana e alla romancia.
Che vanno in quest'ordine di diffusione, per l'appunto: prima i
tedeschi, poi i francesi, poi quelli italiani e infine i romanci.
Di parlanti in lingua italiana, su Wikimedia CH, chi c'è? Ilario, e io
come supporter. E poi ci sei tu, Delphine :D

The problem is - right - "is it fair to use only German, in WikimediaCH?".
No, it's unfair. People should force themselves to write in English,
just to be understandable even by all those people who don't know
german, french, italian or... roman (i don't know the name of the
This doesn't mean that people must NOT speak in their native language,
but only that there should be ALWAYS a continous effort in writing in
english (even when - as in my case - the written english is totally
awful). That mean: you're not able to express yourself in english? Ok,
write in your native language. Someone else will translate it for you.
But what that means (again)? That means that no one should take
advantage of this help, writing in their native language even if they
know english, cause "somebody else will translate it for me". And that
means also that no one should make a "political affair" over "speaking
their own language": go away, nationalism!

(naturally, the horrible way I wrote in english, and all the mistakes
I made, are dued by my voluntee to demonstrate the effort needed. It's
not cause I'm not that good in english. Right. Trust me. I'm serious.
Really. Ok? :D )

an italian Gatto Nero who's always trying to be useful, sometime
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