Why not start a poll on the meta site like the one for the last meeting, so that everybody could join in and propose a useful date. It's better than sending thousands of mails around on this mailing list.

My propositions are (without precise dates):

- in spring (March/April): founding assembly at the EPI in Zurich

- in late summer (end of August/early September): Wikipedia Day in Zurich or Basel or another city (location to be chosen)

What do you think about this?

Patrick K.  

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Subject:  [Wikimediach-l] [/ch/open] Information OSS Roadmap]
Date:  Wed, 11 Jan 2006 12:03:03 +0100
>Michael already noted this on this mailinglist, now I got an invitation mail
>to put all my OSS events into this agenda which will be published on March
>Daedline is 31st January.
>This would be our great chance to be listed in this official OSS roadmap (the
>publishing is sponsored by IBM), so we should at least define a date for our
>"Wikipedia Day". I will take care for the listing.
>However, I don't see a chance to get our foundation date defined and listed as
>we don't have any glue how long the translation will take and, furthermore,
>how long it takes to get the approval by the Foundation.
>We already had some critieria to find the date for the "Wikipedia Day" here
>but it is still todo. One question: Do we have to care about the Soccer WM?
>We have another OSS event in Germany (Race-Against-Root) and we planned it
>after the WM as it will keep people away from caring about there preparations
>for the event.
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