Michael Bimmler schrieb:
Hm, I just don't see the point in making Bern the seat of Wikimedia CH
and opening a post box, when none of the persons who are interested in
Wikimedia CH live there. And by the way, a lot of swiss associations
have its seat not in Bern but e.g. in Zurich (WWF Schweiz as an
example). And Zurich has the advantage, that at least some of us live
next to Zurich, what would make it easier to maintain a post box. And
for tax reasons: afaik Zurich is rather tax-friendlier than Bern
(international investors etc.).

regarding this topic I would recommend to read


A post box might not be the right thing for us. I would recommend a "Feste Vereinsadresse" like

Wikimedia CH
8911 Rifferswil

We could define any town as our address, the only thing might be to have a fixed place that doesn't change when the president moves or changes. Nobody has to live there. Maybe we will get the letters faster when we define a place like Zürich-Mülligen where the really big letter distribution centres are.

With a fixed domicile the tax deducibility problem would drop out.


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