It seems to be a good decision. In my experience (but I've worked a lot with Germany and Italy and not with Swiss companies) all I have fixed in August was after delayed.

In any case IMHO it is important, at moment, to fix only a deadline and a period, the date can be fixed some months before verifying the avalaibility of seat, avalaibility of persons and more.


Michael Bimmler wrote:

I just remarked, that I am actually not so in favour of the last
saturday of holidays for the following two reasons:
1. People are a) still in holidays b) just coming back c)tired, want
to relax a bit before start etc.
2. A lot of people that we need to get in touch with some weeks before
the events will be on holidays during july/early august. This probably
includes universitiy employees as well as the responsibles for the
places where we want to advertise.
3, During the short Swiss summer, people will spend *a lot* of their
free time (especially Saturdays) in "public swimming baths" (blame leo
for this term), e.g. in the lake. I doubt whether anybody would want
to be on a hot day (last day of holidays or even last summer weekend)
in a room, listening to presentations or working with computers. When
it's hot, people in CH want to be outside, swimming, barbecueing and
so on.
Therefore I "nominate" a date in the second half of september (e.g.
Sat Sept 23), then it won't be so hot and sunny anymore, people won't
be swimming anymore and may rather come during the day (remark, we are
not talking about the evening) that in the middle of the short summer.
So I'm just afraid, that we decide on a day like the Aug 26th and are
then disappointed 'cause the weather guys say that it would be the
last sunny weekend in this year and then nobody comes.
What do you think?
An eternity is very, very long, especially towards the end

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