I've read the brochure and it sounds nice. But the question is, in
which town it should be, I mean, it makes to me not so much sense, to
have there "Rifferswil" or "Regensdorf" (you meant them as examples,
right?). And afaik it will take a day longer anyway, whether the
domicile is in Bern/Basle/Zurich/Zurich-Mulligen. And by the way:
Would the place where the "Feste Adresse" is then be mentioned in the
bylaws? I mean, I'm not so sure, whether we should have "The seat is
in Zurich-Mülligen" in the first article of the bylaws... So we anyway
need to decide on a town now.
But thanks for the link, this is definitely better than a post box.
2006/1/13, Robin Schwab <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Michael Bimmler schrieb:
> > Hm, I just don't see the point in making Bern the seat of Wikimedia CH
> > and opening a post box, when none of the persons who are interested in
> > Wikimedia CH live there. And by the way, a lot of swiss associations
> > have its seat not in Bern but e.g. in Zurich (WWF Schweiz as an
> > example). And Zurich has the advantage, that at least some of us live
> > next to Zurich, what would make it easier to maintain a post box. And
> > for tax reasons: afaik Zurich is rather tax-friendlier than Bern
> > (international investors etc.).
> regarding this topic I would recommend to read
> http://www.post.ch/de/pm_broschure_vereinsadressen.pdf
> A post box might not be the right thing for us. I would recommend a
> "Feste Vereinsadresse" like
> Wikimedia CH
> 8911 Rifferswil
> We could define any town as our address, the only thing might be to have
> a fixed place that doesn't change when the president moves or changes.
> Nobody has to live there. Maybe we will get the letters faster when we
> define a place like Zürich-Mülligen where the really big letter
> distribution centres are.
> With a fixed domicile the tax deducibility problem would drop out.
> Regards
> Robin
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