Haha... hadn't seen that Michael had already done all of that.
Abstract is exactly what I meant. Danke Michael ;-)


On 1/15/06, Delphine Ménard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > Michael Bimmler schrieb:
> > > > I absolutely agree here, what needs to be considered however is the
> > > > following:
> > > > If we have discussions about formal/legal things (e.g. about the form of
> > > > the foundation), it gets awfully difficult to translate these terms into
> > > > English. But we should certainly try to write as much as possible in
> > > > English from now on. If someone didn't understand one particular
> > >
> > > I do agree for the Homepage, but not for this mailinglist in general.
> > > AFAIK there are just very few persons that understand english better
> > > than german. All is it worth the effort? For me, I don't like the idea
> > > that all of my mails in english are being archived.
> OK, changing the thread and answering awfully late.
> I think very good points have been made about the importance also to
> allow everyone to express themselves in their preferred language,
> without keeping people away because they don't speak one or the other
> language. English has its advantages and its disadvantages, ie. there
> might be people who
> How about trying to adopt, as much as possible, the following kind of 
> standards:
> - ideally, every email should have a one line summary in all the other
> official languages, when the sender is able to do that. (note the
> ideally at the beginning of this sentence ;-) )
> -But if the "all languages" thing is not possible (which will be more
> often the case), a one line summary in English, or even a translation
> of the subject (and even better, in the subject line, with a little
> [de]; [it] etc also to say which language(s) the mail is in) in
> English, would be already very nice.
> The idea would be to allow people who are interested in a subject to
> know what is being talked about, and to then go to a machine
> translation to get the essence, and ask for a real translation if
> they're really interested in the subject. More work for all of us, but
> also maybe fairer for all of us?
> Best,
> Delphine
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