I don't see the problem with the post box as discussed in the thread:

a) Wikimedia CH is an internet focussed foundation. Therefore a permanent,
non-changing postal address is not that important than for a
non-internet-focussed foundation. We don't have printed mail paper we had to
change (or do we plan to have this?)

b) A postal address is only important for legal reasons (for "Einstweilige
Verfügungen" for example). In a legal case, the postal address has to be
verified every time it is used. But this address can be changed any time as it
is published on a Wiki page.

c) The postal address must not be identic with the seat of the foundation. So
these discussions should be separated.

d) This postal service costs 20 CHF per year. Sure it is convenient - but do we
expect that much "snail mail" to justify this amount?

e) The postal address as offered by "Die Post" is in our case more an image
issue (including the discussion about the image of the destination city) than a
needed feature. If the president would be overwhelmed by snail mail we can
consider this offering any time.

I would prefer to define the foundation seat by evaluating the most interesting
canton by economic and legal reasons.


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> I don't understand this problem. In Iceland Reykjavik is not 
> central, and anyone think to have a seat in the center of the 
> island (there are only montains and ice!).
> If we would a permanent seat we can choice a "real" central 
> seat which must be a seat central for more of users. If the 
> majority of users are near Zürich, Zürich is central.
> IMHO the most correct seat is Zürich or Zug or Lucerne 
> because these towns are easy to reach for more of wikipedians 
> people in Swiss.
> Ilario
> Gal A. Buki wrote:
> > I agree, Bern isn't very central and my guess is that 
> foreign people 
> > couldn't tell you the right capitol of Switzerland. Most of 
> the time 
> > they visit Zurich, Lucerne, St. Moritz or Interlaken (don't 
> ask me why).
> >
> > Cheers
> >
> > PS. I'm living in Lucerne! One of the most beautiful citys.
> >
> >

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