I agree in some parts with Robin.

You can choose any date you want there is an excuse not to come. If anyone is
interested, she/he will mark this day to come. Or do we want to attract persons
just walking by, listening only because they have nothing else to do...?

I suggest to identify our target audience and evaluate their calendar. If we
want to target on students, a day during holiday would be bad - if we want to
target on sports people, a bright weekend would be bad - if we want to target
on nerds, a date during a hacker congress would be bad.

So any idea, what audience we want to have on our Wikipedia Day? I think, the
main audience should be the press. But they would come any day as long a good
story can be expected. So our second targeted audience are stundents as they
have a big knowledge and have many time to write excellent articles. ;-)

Therefore I suggest a date about 2-3 weeks before semester end / or 3-4 weeks
after semester beginning.


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> 2006/1/13, Ilario Valdelli <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > It seems to be a good decision. In my experience (but I've worked a 
> > lot with Germany and Italy and not with Swiss companies) all I have 
> > fixed in August was after delayed.
> >
> > In any case IMHO it is important, at moment, to fix only a deadline 
> > and a period, the date can be fixed some months before 
> verifying the 
> > avalaibility of seat, avalaibility of persons and more.
> >
> This is unfortunately not so, as we would like to be listed 
> in the ch-open directory, and I think, Manuel said, that he 
> needs to have a definite date by end of January.
> Regards
> Michael
> > Ilario
> >
> > Michael Bimmler wrote:
> >
> > >Hello,
> > >I just remarked, that I am actually not so in favour of the last 
> > >saturday of holidays for the following two reasons:
> > >1. People are a) still in holidays b) just coming back 
> c)tired, want 
> > >to relax a bit before start etc.
> > >2. A lot of people that we need to get in touch with some weeks 
> > >before the events will be on holidays during july/early 
> august. This 
> > >probably includes universitiy employees as well as the 
> responsibles 
> > >for the places where we want to advertise.
> > >3, During the short Swiss summer, people will spend *a 
> lot* of their 
> > >free time (especially Saturdays) in "public swimming baths" (blame 
> > >leo for this term), e.g. in the lake. I doubt whether 
> anybody would 
> > >want to be on a hot day (last day of holidays or even last summer 
> > >weekend) in a room, listening to presentations or working with 
> > >computers. When it's hot, people in CH want to be outside, 
> swimming, 
> > >barbecueing and so on.
> > >Therefore I "nominate" a date in the second half of september (e.g.
> > >Sat Sept 23), then it won't be so hot and sunny anymore, 
> people won't 
> > >be swimming anymore and may rather come during the day (remark, we 
> > >are not talking about the evening) that in the middle of 
> the short summer.
> > >So I'm just afraid, that we decide on a day like the Aug 
> 26th and are 
> > >then disappointed 'cause the weather guys say that it would be the 
> > >last sunny weekend in this year and then nobody comes.
> > >What do you think?
> > >Michael

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