Jürg Wolf schrieb:
OK - so we might attract 3 groups (until now):
1) press people (they will come as long a story is in sight)
2) internet freaks (they will also come as long it is freaky and cool)
3) 30-50 year old people who have a specific knowledge about a special theme.

You mention an important thing. I agree to the above list except point 3 which I would extend to all people interested in working seriously on an encyclopedia or one of the other projects.

We could attract the third group by chosing a location which has passengers walking by. This would be the case in a location like ETH Zurich or Aarauerhof/Aarau.

I also agree on end of summer term, but I wouldn't on the first three weeks of the semesters. End of october seems too far for me and at least for ETH it's impossible to get rooms in the first three weeks of semesters.


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