short answer: sounds great (okay, i'm maybe a bit biased as "Z├╝rcher").
BTW: I found at  a
quite nice description of location and how to get there, so imho it's
really quite central and nicely accessible.
At  is a little overview
about the rooms that can be booked, now I ask you as our "internal":
What do you think, which room(s) would be appropriate for us? And, how
long in advance do they need to be reserved?
2006/1/20, Robin Schwab <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Dear all
> A first request to vice chairman of VIS (Verein der Informatik
> Studierenden) at ETH was responded in a positive way. This means we can
> further try getting GEP building for Wikipedia day 2006. In addition
> there is a possibility to use the rooms in IFW building without
> limitations in time (remember GEP would close at 17:00). IFW is located
> ~300 m to GEP but not so central/no walk by visitors. We could maybe
> establish a staff-chill out there when the official WP day is over.
> As written on the homepage
> these rooms are just minutes away from Zurich main station and parking
> space is available on Saturdays.
> I would suggest to put about 30 seats in the front half of the room for
> workshops and speeches. In the back part and I suggest bistro tables
> with laptops. Finger food and drinks could be served on a side part of
> the room. Bigger speeches (Jimbo Wales?) could be held in a room in IFW
> (up to 176 seats).
> On Monday I will find out on which Saturdays we can get the rooms. Then
> we will need a decision about place and time till January 29th. So tell
> me your opinion!
> Regards
> Robin
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