Hi everybody.

The VIS (Verein der Informatik Studierenden der ETH) is willing to take
the patronage. We will help you to get the desired rooms and will
advertise the event (mailinglist, article in our students-magazine) in
our department.


Robin Schwab wrote:
>> What do you think, which room(s) would be appropriate for us? And, how
>> long in advance do they need to be reserved?
> We should reserve GEP if Zurich is your choice. This room is most
> central. I checked today the dates 10.6., 17.6., 24.6., 1.7., 26.8.,
> 2.9., 23.9. The room is available on all these dates. We can use the
> room as long as we'd like to, I was wrong thinking 17:00 was the
> deadline. The room can be used free of cost.
> Jonas Wäfler from VIS, you're on this mailing list, would you probably
> give an official acknowledgment for the patronage?
> I further vote for June/first of July as the date for Wikipedia day.
> During university terms there will be some more students around than in
> August/September. If we can raise members and funds sooner we can plan
> more activities later this year.
> Now it's up to you to decide.
> Best regards
> Robin

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