What just crossed my mind: If we want a "really prominent" person for
a speech (e.g. Jimbo) we would definitely need to ask him first, when
he has "time capacity". I mean otherwise we decide on June the xyth
and then Jimbo/the prominent guest  says "Oh what a pity, on June xyth
I can't come but it would have been possible one week later."
So as we only have 5 days left, we would need to *very quickly* ask
the relevant people when they would have time.

I'm glad you address this topic and you're perfectly right. To me, it's not that important to have these really prominent people although it would be nice if someone could come. I wouldn't spend 1000 CHF for a flight for Jimbo (I hope e forgives me if he sees this). If we try to get multiple persons it's impossible fix a date that's fine for everybody.

Instead I would ask some "medium prominent" people like Bertrand Meyer (and I hope he forgives me this term too) *after* fixing the date. As he is in Switzerland (working very close to GEP) he might hold a speech for a nice present and some drinks.

Do you know further persons we could invite for a speech?


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