(cced to akl, as it somehow concerns him)
as I just thought of it:
What about domains? Or a bit more precise: Do you think, Wikimedia CH
should, after its foundation, "overtake" the domain wikipedia.ch
(currently hold by Wikimedia Deutschland)? As we saw recently with the
Wikipedia.de/Tron-case (wikipedia.de is too hold by Wikimedia
Deutschland), we might sometimes reach a point, where the same
happened to us as happened to Wikimedia Deutschland (disabling of
redirect etc.). Now the question is, shall we then take this (not that
present imho) legal risk? Or shall we "leave" this to Wikimedia
Deutschland who has now a) experience and b) lawyers?
(in re wikimedia.ch there is imho no long discussion necessary...)
(sorry that this email is so much "scribbled down" as I'm quite in a
hurry. Next time I'll try to order my thoughts some more)
An eternity is very, very long, especially towards the end

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