2006/1/26, Robin Schwab <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Jürg Wolf schrieb:
> > What needs a german lawyer in a legal case in Switzerland? We even must be
> > prepared of 26 different law details across CH so a germal lawyer is 
> > absolutely
> > useless.... (badly)
> fack
Yes, although ad 26 different laws: afaik the copyright law and the
Strafrecht (penal law?) are federal.
> > The risk carries on the holder of the domain. But what courts say to foreign
> > domain holders of .ch domains - I don't know. If it would fit and it is a
> > optimization of risk - the domain should be held by wikimedia foundation in 
> > the
> > US.
> Not only the risk, also the power is given to the possessor of the
> domain. Therefore I'd rather support to be the owner of domains
> concerning us.
> Second thing is that our Federal Court is known to be rather Open Source
> friendly. Remember the case of the picture of Christoph Meili where they
> decided that a picture that was arranged for a quarter of an hour did
> not fall under copyright. Remember we do not have software patents too.
> What do you think about an own WP server in Switzerland?
You mean, a "real wp"-server like in Amsterdam or in Seoul or rather a
tools-server like tools.wikimedia.de? If the former, we should
probably first contact the devs to ask whether that is a good idea.
> Looking at the
> legal cases like the one in Germany it might be useful to distribute
> knowledge as broadly as possible to minimize political, legal and
> technical risks.
Might be, yes.
> Best regards
> Robin
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