> > As I am already hosting wikipedia.de I would offer a "sponsored hosting"
> > - we make a contract as usual, I register the domains for the contractor
> > (Wikimedia CH) for which you pay the normal fees. The hosting services
> > (webspace, e-mail addresses etc.) will be for free.
> Cool. So you could host wikimedia.ch and wikipedia.ch (and also things
> like wikibooks.ch etc.)?
Exactly. Wikimedia CH pays the fees for the domains, hosting is free. To avoid 
later problems Wikimedia CH has a normal contract as every other customer 
would have.

If there will be an own server of Wikimedia DE which they share this will cost 
some money (Wikimedia DE thinks about renting a server with all services 
included, so they pay a static monthly fee including administration, 
hardware, connectivity etc.). We will talk about that when this is reality. 
Right now this is just discussion and the idea of sharing the server with 
Wikimedia CH came up just right now and is not discussed with anyone yet.

So long you could use normal hosting space and mail adresses (also redirects 
to OTRS and other things). There is enough space, support for CGIs and, if 
needed, MySQL databases.

> > Is someone at the Mitgliederversammlung at Frankfurt in the end of
> > February? It would be a good chance to discuss this.
> I probably can't be there (swiss holidays -> I'm skiing...). Are you
> there? If yes, can you maybe be our "advocat" there?
If my suggestion is the will of the future members I will do that.


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