Hello Frederic

> Dear Swiss Wikipedians,
> after a few weeks of 'lurking', I thought now was a good time to
> introduce myself on this mailing-list. I am mostly active on the
> English Wikipedia, except for the occasional wikilink on fr or de, but
> despite my last name, I am a French speaker, leaving in Suisse
> Romande, and my German is somewhat patchy. I am therefore very
> grateful for the recent discussion that saw English chosen as the
> lingua franca in this list.
Well then. welcome to this list! It's nice to have more Romands here
(are there any yet?).
> Although there are several comments I wanted to make during the last
> discussions, I have finally decided to post here following an
> interesting article in "Le Temps" today (today being already Mon 30th
> Jan). The text, in French, can be found at
>         http://www.letemps.ch/template/editoriaux.asp?page=1&article=173039
>  and  http://www.letemps.ch/template/tempsFort.asp?page=3&article=173055
> (they will remain available only for today or a few days). The article
> is not perfect (a few mistakes, as far as I know), but the general
> tone is largely positive.
> Which brings me to a question... Do you still need help for contacts
> with the French-Speaking newspapers/medias in Switzerland ?
As far as I know, yes (?). You might want to get in touch with Nando
(Stöcklin) who is press contact for (german) Switzerland.
> Just like
> everyone, I don't have much free time (Wikipedia editing already eats
> much of it...), but would be happy to help if needed -- with the
> caveats that I am pretty bad when "speaking in direct" (eg no radio
> for me...), and I don't know the French wikipedia as well as the
> English one (but the article on Le Temps, for example, was mostly
> about the well-publicised reports on en.w.o).
> All the best,
> Frederic
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