Jimmy Wales schrieb:
Do you konw this is the same day as the Germans are having their
Wikipedia Academy?


Yes we do. As Göttingen is so far away that you need a flight the events do not compete each other.

"Am 16. und 17. Juni 2006 wird die Wikipedia-Academy in Göttingen

If your event was 18. Juni, this might be better?

We decided on Saturday 17th and we already have the room reservation. We know this is uncomfortable regarding Wikipedia Academy but Saturday has many advantages to us. You would have to leave in the morning to catch a flight in Frankfurt or Hannover.

Ich lerne Deutsch. Ich möchte auf Deutsch vortragen.

Das würden wir sehr zu schätzen wissen. Sehr viele im potenziellen Publikum verstehen Englisch.

Best regards

Wikipedia Day 2006 Organisation Committee

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