Dear Michael,

Thank you for sending the letter. I'm a little bit short of time these days.

The next big step with priority is this translation of the bylaws. Manuel, your friend doubted that her translation will be good enough. I think this is not a problem. The English version is for information of the English speaking people only including Wikimedia Foundation. If it comes to a legal case this will be in Switzerland and the German (or maybe the Italian or French) version will be used.

Till February 20th I have two Americans as guests in the room that could also be used for Jimbo. Their translation would be worse than the one of your friend but if she has translated 4 out of 5 pages and just doesn't have time to translate the last one it would be a missed chance to get our bylaws completely translated. My guests could also check the overall accuracy of the translation.

So maybe you (Manuel) inform your friend that we also appreciate an incomplete translation. If we need the Foundations approval before we start the advertising campaign for Wikipedia in early May and we give the Foundation two month for a decision we must send the translated bylaws in early March.

Thanks in advance.

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