My scedule:
1. do the mayor invitations
2. Sit together with the organisation comittee
3. calculate a budget (needed money)
4. get the sponsors

I will invite Prof. Meyer today.



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On 2/12/06, Robin Schwab <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Dear Michael,
> Thank you for sending the letter. I'm a little bit short of time these days.
No problem, I have holidays now...
Now I'd like to raise a few points for discussion:
I think, we'll probably need a few sponsors, at least for things like
leaflets etc. and if we advertise in newspapers and so on. I think
there are two types of potential sponsors/donors:
1. Government(-related) organs. This includes Department of Education
of Canton Zurich, "Präsidialdepartement" Stadt Zürich, Eidg.
Staatssekretariat für Bildung und Forschung, ETHZ, UNIZH (and students
associations) and others
2. companies, that would like to have a possibility to advertise. From
ZKB to IBM everything possible. (IBM could e.g. provide IT material)
Now the question is: Is it ok for us to ask companies as in 2. as
sponsors? If you compare to Linux Day (, they have
sponsors as HP, Intel and IBM and, well, quod licet Iovi etiam licet
Anyway, if we want to have any of these sponsors, we'd need to get in
touch with them asap, because internal decision-making can be
2nd point: Has anybody now already invited Prof. Meyer?
3rd point: If we start inviting people, contacting organisations and
media, it might be the time, to get [EMAIL PROTECTED] working, some
things are not really mailinglist-compatible. So Delphine proposed
once, that we could set up a mail adress like [EMAIL PROTECTED] and
make a permanent redirect from [EMAIL PROTECTED] to this adress.
Thierry, would this be a great thing to enable that? Delphine, same
question to you.

[Sorry for this lenghthy and chaotic mail)

Michael Bimmler

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