Jürg Wolf schrieb:
> I would like to remind here, that we even need some Auditors. This year it 
> won't
> be that important but by the revision of the OR (which will go live by begin 
> of
> 2007), it is foreseen, that the auditors must have a special education in
> bookkeeping. This means any kind of education beyond of simple
> "milk-book-calculation". Balance sheet analysis is minimum. Therefore the
> audience of potential auditors is not that big...

Thank you for reminding us. I did not think of it till today. Regarding 
qualification of revisors I'd like to add that I did not see any 
allusions that there will be a big change. The proposed text says 
nothing about this as I understand it (IANYL), see 
http://www.admin.ch/ch/d/ff/2005/7289.pdf Art. 69b

Nevertheless I fully agree that a auditor should be able to read a 
balance sheet and income statement. How else should he be able to verify 
it? But that's not so complicated anyway. One can learn it rather quickly.

The more important question will be: Who becomes treasury man or woman? 
Would Jürg Studer accept doing it? He has/you have done it in other 

> I wrote the same note on http://ch.wikimedia.org/wiki/Board/Candidatures
> In between I don't know if some persons realized their nomination for board. 
> In
> the last few days were nominated:
> - Muvon53
> - Robin Schwab
> - Frederic Schutz
> I would like to ask these persons to post a short statement, if they would 
> like
> to accept if they would be elected.

Thank you Jürg for your nomination for the board. I'm willing to 
continue work like today e.g. organising events like Wikipedia day. At 
the present size of the association this will rather require a board 
membership therefore I accept the nomination as a board member. I rather 
do not see myself as a president as my talent in leading meetings is not 
so big.

I see it as a chance to get a native Italian speaking member in the 
board or even as a president. Despite of this I'd like to get to know 
him/you personally before election.

Patrik and Nando should decide about they prefer working as auditors or 
board members as these jobs are excluding each other.

Kind regards

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