for helping wikipedia day redleo could offer immediate tax exemtion
for any donation not earlier as 1.1.2005.

we would only need one/two persons responsible for the bank account,
maybe your candidate treasurers?

this would have the advantage of immediate tax exemption, one of you
responsible for the account, and no immediate time pressure for the
swiss verein.

do you think that makes sense?

my access to mail is very limited until the 12 of march, so the
chapter approval should be also here by then.

(soloturn on de.wikipedia, soloturn99 on en.wikipedia, before 2 yrs anonymous)

redleo is a ngo helping with 3 things:
* elearning: therefor projects as wikibooks are very important to us
  (therefor supporting wikipedia fits perfectly our goals)
* cheap/free hardware
* cheap/free communication
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