Ich muss mich entschuldigen, aber leider klappte es nicht mit der Übersetzung.
Leider konnte es Frau Mittermayer bis heute aus Zeitgründen nicht erledigen.
Ich hätte es euch wirklich gerne abgegeben, aber leider klappte es nicht.
Ich habe extra noch etwas länger gewartet, damit es vielleicht doch noch

Nochmals sorry.

Greets, Emanuel

>-- Original-Nachricht --
>Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 11:46:19 +0100
>From: Michael Bimmler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>To: Mailing list for Wikimedia Swizerland <wikimediach-l@wikipedia.org>
>Subject: Rhaeto-Romanic (and other) translations
>Cc: Anita & Michel Decurtins-Capaul cun Marius <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>,
>An offer for a Rhaeto-Romanic translation (by mail to list-owner) was
>made by Anita Decurtins-Capaul, a student of romance languages and
>literature (and else) at University Zurich, to translate the Wikimedia
>CH bylaws into Rumantsch Grischun. She has already translated an
>Asterix-comic into Rumantsch Grischun (mentioned as reference).
>Matters that need to be discussed include salary and time-frame,
>however I do not think that rumantsch-translation ultimatively needs
>to be present prior to foundation. Comments on the offer are
>By the way: Is there any update on en-translations (Manuel, were you
>able to ask your friend?) and french translations (Emanuel?)
>An eternity is very, very long, especially towards the end

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