I agree with Frederic

I know that several actions must be done BEFORE the real foundation, but I still
do not see why we need a special post address BEFORE the foundation - and even
after the foundation, since we do not expect a bunch of mail. And as long there
is no founded association, we all (= all of this mailing list? At least all
persons, who are willing to help for this project) could be charged personally
for things you do now.

I am also not very happy with the naming and wording. "Resolution", the numbers
and the used words sound really strange, such as they are created by the UN or
some crooked lawyers. Why can't the articles be named like "Decision Technic" /
"Decision Postal Adress" and inside a simple list of decisions, that were

And at least - as far as I know, there is no consensus about the location of the
address (Zürich vs. Berne vs. Olten vs. Geneva vs. Hintertupfingen) - so why
this haste?

Just asking

Jürg Wolf

Zitat von Frederic Schutz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Looking at the latest changes on the CH wiki... is it on purpose that 
> the current resolutions look as formal as a UN Security Council 
> resolution ?  "RESOLVED... AND... FURTHER RESOLVED... so proposed on the 
> fifteenth of March 2006". I know it is borderline to hairsplitting, but 
> this makes the whole thing look very bureaucratic, especially given that 
> there no formal entity yet... Could we do with "friendlier" texts, please ?
> Also, do we really need to protect the pages ? We all know that even if 
> changes are made after a resolution has been accepted, they can be 
> reverted. The reason I am asking this (in addition to the general 
> principle that we should only protect pages if needed) is that there are 
> several typos on the page Board/Resolutions/2006/02 that I was ready to 
> correct.
> Last, but not least... this resolution says that "Wikimedia CH shall 
> have its seat in Zurich". Does that mean "until a President is elected", 
> or is there a change to the proposed bylaws ?
> Frédéric
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