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> So there are even other cities possible:
> * Zurich - the economic capital of CH
> * Berne - the political capital of CH of home affairs
> * Geneva - the political capital of CH of foreign affairs
> * Lucerne - the touristic capital of CH
> * Jungfraujoch - another touristic capital (indian view)
> * Olten - the capital of traffic
> * Rütli - the historic capital
> * ....

What is the difference to have Berne or Zurich or Geneva (all these
are nice towns)? IHMO the seat of foundation should be connected to
have an easy financial management (low taxation and similar) and
Zurich seems to have these features.

> so how should we proceed?
> Is it also foreseen to open a bank account? And if - in which place? And when?
> In whose name? At which bank?

First it important to have a foundation, after to resolve these
problems. In any case the bank less expensive :P

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