Jürg Wolf wrote:

> Is it also foreseen to open a bank account? And if - in which place? And when?
> In whose name? At which bank?

When: not before the association is created. One needs a copy of the
   bylaws, and the minutes of the first general meeting to open an
   account (specifying who has access to the account).

Which bank: Postfinance looks like a good option to me, if only because 
it is easy to give a postal account number to anyone for donations, such 
as "12-345678-9", instead of having to say "Bank such and such, account 
A-BCDEFGH-I". All the associations I know of use a Yellow account as 
their main accounts.

In which place: does not make a difference, especially for postfinance
   which is all around Switzerland

Whose name: Wikimedia CH, with signature from 2 board members required
   to access the account.

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