Now there seems to be a big discussion going on here and I would like
to clarify a few points as the resolutions come from me and Nando:
1. Why we need resolutions:
a) We want to create as soon as a "", which is intended
for the public. We want to stop using, because (and
this is a position of Wikimedia Germany) it is no good, when content
and things from chapters are on foundation servers, because this makes
legally the foundation responsible for what we, as Wikimedia CH, are
doing, and this should be avoided, cf. Tron-case. So, we need to have for public, for members and for internal board communication (instead of a
extra board-ml) when WIkimedia CH is founded. Actually, we want the already as soon as possible, because if we're in
discussions with sponsors, donors, patrons etc. prior to Wikipedia
Day, we must be able to say, "look, there is at a
nice description of our verein". And, we cannot wait until Wikimedia
CH is somewhen founded and then have a homepage in 1-2 days... So
Manuel will need to register the domain etc. and for this a resolution
is needed (see below for more reasoning about resolutions in general).
For registering the domain, he also needs an adress, which leads me to
point b
b) We need an adress. I think nobody will say, that we can handle
everything per email. And, we don't want, that each time somebody is
talking to an "outsider" he has to use his own adress. Because then
some people have as contact Nando, others Manuel, other Jürg, others
Ilario, others me and so on. This gets complicated so. Okay, and
that's why we need a general adress. As has been outlined and
discussed on this mailing list, the "Feste Vereinsadresse" provided by
the post, seems to be the best thing. Well, and why should we wait to
open this adress, as we actually need it already now, see point a...
I talked via OTRS to the post (I even sent part of their answer to the
ml) and, after further correspondence, they told me, that the person
who opens the adress has to bring with him a protocol or a board
resolutions enabling him to do so. As we don't have a meeting soon,
and we can't bring them a print of a long mailing-list-thread, Nando
and I have made a board resolution.
2. Why the board makes this resolutions.
Actually, I didn't remember, that a preliminary board (this is my
personal translation of "kommisarischer Vorstand") exists, however
Manuel told me, that Nando and I have been
appointed/nominated/whatever to be this until the foundation. Now, you
can't say, that we have been to active until now. However, we have
seen, as broadly outlined in point 1, that sometimes, formal
resolutions are needed, particularly when dealing with official or
semi-official things. Now you have hopefully remarked, that I always
posted the resolutions and the amendmends to them to this very
mailinglist and I invited people to make comments here. I did not
really expect any opposition to the first resolution but if anything
had been mentioned I would have been very happy to discuss this here
and to change the resolution if it's the opinion of the majority. But
nobody said anything and I assumed, that people could live with the
first resolution. As far as the second resolutions is concerned, I
have made a draft and asked Nando what he thinks about it. Now at this
point I would have asked at this mailinglist, if people are okay with
it, as important things as the seat are concerned but obviously
somebody has seen Nando's approval before me and this is also good so,
because it shows that the wiki forces transparency.
3. About the formal language.
I have discussed this matter some days ago in IRC with Jean-Baptiste
Soufron, the legal coordinator/advisor of the foundation and he told
me, that some formal requirements need to be there (e.g. when mandates
are terminated etc.) because of the legal validity. The exact
terminology like "resolved" etc. is mostly a "product of the moment"
and I have no problem with changing this, as long as the proposed
alternatives are legally ok.
4. About page protection
We have a wiki. A wiki means everybody can edit, at Wikimedia CH only
people logged in.
But, there are 2 reasons which are imho pro blocking some pages:
a), which is redirecting to our wiki, is mentioned at
the bottom of the Weltwoche article about "us" and therefore people of
the public might surf to our website. We don't really want them to see
some vandalism at the first page, the main page, do we? So therefore I
blocked the main page.
b) the german bylaws have been approved by the meeting. They are
definitive and are also base of the translations. Therefore I blocked
them, because it needs to be ensured, that people know, that this is
the stable version. I once thought of blocking en-translation too,
because they are now reviewed by ChapCom, so there must be a stable
version too. However I didn't protect them then, because we might want
to correct typing mistakes et al. The other translations are
unprotected at the moment.
c)The resolutions are quite official documents. As they are now under
discussion, I wanted that everybody sees the version we, Nando and I, 
decided on, to ensure that everybody is speaking about the same thing.
d) my vandal paranoia. You will have noticed by now, that I seem to be
a bit paranoid what concerns vandal acts. Well, look at
There are quite a few new users I simply don't know who's "behind" and
I don't want to doubt them somehow, but you see that new user accounts
can be created easily and as we're now linked on several Wikimedia
pages, people will also find us, and it's probably not so, that we can
say, we can trust everybody from the beginning, who opens a account or
has one. Believe me, I've seen a lot of vandal acts in different wikis
and it might be, that sombody finds it funny to mess up or discretely
change our resolutions a bit...

(ad Security Council: I must admit, that I've never read any
SC-Resolutions, so I didn't copy their terminology. )
Sysopping policy: When the wiki was created, Delphine sysopped Nando
and me, because we were listed as contact persons at meta. As Ilario
is now presidency candidate and quite involved, he is now also listed
as contact person and he's a sysop. But please understand, imho the 10
people regularly contributing on this ml could all get sysops, I have
no problem with that.

So to sum up, I would like to stress that we never intended to make
any top-down action, we invite everybody here in discussing the
necessary resolutions and their form/style of writing etc. but
sometimes some bureaucracy is unfortunately necessary (and believe me,
as gymnasium-student, you're in an age where you're not really in
favour of bureaucracy and formalities etc. so I regret it too, but I'm
convinced, that it'll will help us later, if we have everything in a
proper legal way).

For the ones, who read until here (and I assume, there are not so
many) I will conclude my mail by apologizing for misunderstandings our
resolutions might have caused and by hoping that you understand my
point of view.

Michael Bimmler

On 3/15/06, Frederic Schutz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Looking at the latest changes on the CH wiki... is it on purpose that
> the current resolutions look as formal as a UN Security Council
> resolution ?  "RESOLVED... AND... FURTHER RESOLVED... so proposed on the
> fifteenth of March 2006". I know it is borderline to hairsplitting, but
> this makes the whole thing look very bureaucratic, especially given that
> there no formal entity yet... Could we do with "friendlier" texts, please ?
> Also, do we really need to protect the pages ? We all know that even if
> changes are made after a resolution has been accepted, they can be
> reverted. The reason I am asking this (in addition to the general
> principle that we should only protect pages if needed) is that there are
> several typos on the page Board/Resolutions/2006/02 that I was ready to
> correct.
> Last, but not least... this resolution says that "Wikimedia CH shall
> have its seat in Zurich". Does that mean "until a President is elected",
> or is there a change to the proposed bylaws ?
> Frédéric
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