2006/3/15, Jürg Wolf <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
My opinion in this whole thing is:
1) If our preliminary board thinks, we need a special postal address - I'm OK
with it because I don't have the whole view. And on the meeting last year we
gave you the mandate and the power to operate towards the swiss chapter. And
that's what you did.
As far as I know, we had not a clear consesus about the "Vereinsadresse" on this
ML and I wondered, why it popped up out of the blue with nearly fixed details.
I'm also fine with Zürich, but I couldn't remember a consensus in this

The Thread was: http://mail.wikipedia.org/pipermail/wikimediach-l/2006-January/000168.html

The votes were:
*Berne: Manuel, Gatto Nero
*Zurich: Michael, Robin, Ilario, Nando
*Zug: Ilario
*Lucerne: Ilario

So, it was not a clear consensus, but two third of the voters preferred Zurich. But of course, we need to change our bylaws to fix this point. So, if somebody is not fine with Zurich, just let us know as soon as possible.

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