On 3/15/06, Jürg Wolf <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm sorry for my recent postings because they were a bit sarcastic a maybe not
> clearly defaced as zynical.
Well, your postings were ok with me...
> My opinion in this whole thing is:
> 1) If our preliminary board thinks, we need a special postal address - I'm OK
> with it because I don't have the whole view. And on the meeting last year we
> gave you the mandate and the power to operate towards the swiss chapter. And
> that's what you did.
> As far as I know, we had not a clear consesus about the "Vereinsadresse" on 
> this
> ML and I wondered, why it popped up out of the blue with nearly fixed details.
> I'm also fine with Zürich, but I couldn't remember a consensus in this
> question.
Okay, I mut have misremembered that with the consensus but as Nando
pointed out later, there was a majority for ZH. but we can really
rediscuss that.
> 2) Many thanks to Michael for his very good explanation. You maybe were a bit
> too impressed by the thing, that it must be "lawyer-proof". But remember - it
> must be lawyer-proof for swiss lawyers and not for US lawyers... ;-)
Hm, Jean-Baptiste Soufron is actually a French lawyer, anyway, I had
not the time to contact a Swiss lawyer (although knowing quite a few)
> 3) So for swiss legal reasons a "simple" protocol should be enough. So you 
> also
> could use a "normal" wording such as:
> ----------------------------------------
> <snip excellent proposal>
Yes, that looks fine to me. I will now unlock the second resolution
page (I think, we can leave the first one as it is, otherwise we'll
never get finished) and we can try to discuss this protocol here in
public on the ml. BTW: I remember where I got "resolution" from: Not
from UNSC but from Wikimedia Foundation board, see
But as said, that US terminology.
> ----------------------------------------
> I hope that in board meetings of the elected board a similar wording is used 
> and
> not a US-lawyer wording.
Sure. I really join you in thinking, that too much formalism is not good.
> Jürg
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> Zitat von Michael Bimmler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > Now there seems to be a big discussion going on here and I would like
> > to clarify a few points as the resolutions come from me and Nando:
> > ...
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