Hello everyone 

I remember the death story :-)

Well, why not ! Whether speaking or not speaking :-)
I appreciate the invitation !
I won't be sure I can come before a little while, as
my husband is travelling just this week. But I'll keep
in touch. Is there a page or a wiki where I can follow
what's going on ?



--- Michael Bimmler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hello Anthere,
> as you might know, Wikimedia CH will shortly after
> it's foundation
> organise a Swiss Wikipedia Day in Zurich (Swiss
> Federal Institute of
> Technology Zurich/ETH Z├╝rich). It will be on
> Saturday June 17th. We
> hope that the program can include some
> speeches/presentations, talks,
> workshops, maybe introduction lessons, places to
> edit WP live under
> "supervision" (people who can help you), a Wikimedia
> CH-information
> desk etc.
> As we're looking for prominent Wikip/medians to give
> a kind of
> keynote-speech, we would like to ask you whether you
> have the time
> (and the interest) to give a little speech (either
> representing WMF or
> "on your own") about Wikim/pedia (and some things
> about Free and Open
> Content) somewhen on June 17th. We're also inviting
> a IT professor
> from Zurich (ETH) who's (in CH) known a) for his
> great admiration of
> Wikipedia ( see english essay
> and b)
> for a nice little causa when he was said to have
> died in his Wikipedia
> entry (Swiss newspapers assumed it was a post-exam
> revenge of some of
> his students) and we could maybe also organise a
> kind of panel
> discussion (but that are still only thoughts,
> nothing definitive...).
> We would really look forward to seeing you in Zurich
> (certainly also
> as guest without speech etc.)!
> Best Regards
> Michael Bimmler
> on behalf of the Wikipedia Day Organisation Commitee

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