Jürg Wolf wrote:

> * active voting right = right to get a job within the corporation / 
> association
> * passive voting right = right to vote for someone
> Even the swiss constitution and the cantonal constitutions make differences
> between these two rights.

Interesting... I did not know about these terms. There is nothing like
that in French, at least not litteraly: we say "droit de vote" (right to
vote) and "éligibilité" (the fact that someone can be elected).

To follow up on Jürg's links:


I'll translate accordingly.

It looks to me like these terms are not that common in English either
(which does not mean that they are incorrect, of course) -- in any case,
the English Wikipedia does not know about them.

By the way, could a sysop add the template {{bylaws}} at the top of the
German bylaws ? It is very convenient when one is switching from one
version to the other while translating (thanks to Delphine 'Notafish'
for creating it).


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