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> Michael Bimmler wrote:
> > I'm not sure what you mean here. Do you propose that we make the
> > founding assembly itself on IRC? Because then, to be very frank, we
> > can forget about this. IANAL but I'm quite sure to have read that
> > Swiss law requires, that the association is "physically" founded and
> > that afterwards a "foundation protocol" is signed by president + one
> > board member (usually secretary/"aktuar").
> No, AFAIK. There are very few conditions imposed on associations; most
> of the conditions are imposed by the bylaws (with a set of defaults if
> needed). The only condition that would be slightly related is that the
> bylaws must be on paper, which does not mean anything for the actual
> meeting. But in any case, not having a physical meeting for the founding
> assembly would not be a good idea (to say the least).
I have googled a bit and found the following sources (not legal
sources, but at least...) however they are all in german:

The second point is not so clear on protocol but the first and the
second clearly state, that there needs to be a protocol, stating,
"..." was founded IN (-> a physical lieu must be defined) and needs to
be signed by the protocollist.

> As for the place -- as much as I had no preference for the postal
> address, here I would strongly push for a central location, e.g. Bern.
Well, I'm okay with that as well. Just ad "central": Wouldn't Lucerne
be more central? (AFAIK nobody on this list lives in one of these two
cities, so question is how to organise it...)
> Frédéric
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