Here is a proposal of Jürg Studer:
On the link below there is a website (english version: where you can create "online
polls". The website proposes to use these polls for date fixing -> you
open a poll, send the link to your friends (i.e. this mailinglist) and
fix the date then via this poll. We could use this e.g. to fix the
founding assembly's date or the date of board meetings or the date of
upcoming members assemblies etc.
What do you think of it? (I had a quick look on it and I think it
might be quite a good tool).

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From: Jürg Studer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Mar 21, 2006 8:30 PM
Subject: Termine abmachen auf einfache Weise
To: Bimmler Michael <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Stöcklin Nando <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Guten Abend Michael
Ich bin durch einen Freund auf diese Seite gestossen:

Das wäre doch was, um Termine bei Wikipedia CH zu koordinieren.

En schöne Abig


Jürg Studer

Michael Bimmler
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