Dear all

Excuse my long absence and the mails that were sent before they were 
finished and checked. I there were quite some emails to catch up with.
:-) My absence doesn't mean at all that I lost interest in helping
organizing Wikipedia Day it's more the lack of time due to a time
consuming job. Therefore I definitly withdraw my candidature for
president and would in spite support a strong secretary like Michael who 
could also act as a vice president if our real president is absent. He 
does an excellent job btw.

By the way: Prof. Bertrand Meyer is willing to come on Wikipedia Day. He 
proposed a speech about *Wikis and Wikipedia as tools for the scientific 
community? Rationale, Risks and Reactions* I told him this was good for 
us. There might be a little risk that he cannot come but he estimated 
this to be like a 10% chance.

> as our Wikipedia Day will be in less than 3 months and as the
> foundation of Wikimedia CH might be a bit delayed still (ChapCom +
> board -> it might still pass some time until a definitive vote), I
> think we should definitely start the planning now.

This is perfectly true.

> However I think, that we cannot do all the planning only on this
> mailinglist. Why?


> Therefore my proposal:
> We could create some teams [which could later be task groups =
> Arbeitsgruppen of Wikimedia CH] that deal with particular things and
> have a few members (say, 5 or so) and work via private email (you can
> send a mail to 5 people...). When they have reached a decision/solved
> a problem, they can still report to mailinglist at the end.
> Proposed teams: (just jotted down, feel free to add and change):

> ==Core team== (or: coordination team/lead team/whatever)
> This would be the kind of organizing committee as known. They have the
> overview over the whole situation, are the ones who'd also finally
> sign contracts if necessary with partners, look that the budget is not
> exceeded, and so on.

Of course I'm willing to help here. I think this team should sit 
together rather soon (next 14 days) and collect more ideas about what 
we're gonna show and how we advertize for it, calculate a budget so that 
the partners team knows what to do. In addition this would support a 
team building process. My place would be available for this meeting.

> ==PR and Media team==
> quite an important team:
> a) contact to Media, sending invitations to press etc., making press
> releases, etc.
> b) organising the advertising for the Wikipedia Day (in on-and offline
> agendas, newspapers, maybe create flyers and leaflets etc.

These two points take most man-hours. We could need every hand to 
distribute flyers in as many places (schools, universities, etc.) as 

On the other hand it would be good to have articles in many (student) 
newspapers. I will catch an eye on VSETH newspaper.

> c) looking for some kind of Internet site, if possible and time is
> there, either we start with already or we'd use
> or whatever.

I think this could be done by the technical team.

> ==Location team==
> chairs etc. are organised nicely and so on

I will deal with ETH Hausdienst about the opening of the location. 
Chairs and normal tables are around. We just have to put them where we 
need them. Food would be a different topic. We could also use "Wikipedia 
Bratwürste" as a marketing idea. (I did not check the legal aspects of 
this proposal yet.)

> ==Partners team==
> We have not really discussed this yet, but I think, we might still
> consider finding some sponsors (could be IT companies, but also, if
> you like better, governmental support or other
> foundations/associations/"Stiftungen" that would support us.) Because
> remember, if we want to have some nice flyers/leaflets and so on, and
> if we want catering, we might reach a point, where we'd quite like
> some money... BTW: I recently read at Chapters FAQ on Metawiki that
> Wikimedia Foundation on request also sometimes provides chapters with
> some "start-up budget", so they could also look at this with Delphine
> etc.

It would be nice if our treasury man/woman would join this team. As we 
are an organisation that among other things is supposed to raise money 
for the foundation it could be a wrong sign to accept some start-up 
budget. We should be able to collect the first 1000-2000 Francs by 
ourselves and make a first symbolic donation to the foundation. Not vice 
versa :-) What do you think?

Best regards

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