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> Dear all
> By the way: Prof. Bertrand Meyer is willing to come on Wikipedia Day. He
> proposed a speech about *Wikis and Wikipedia as tools for the scientific
> community? Rationale, Risks and Reactions* I told him this was good for
> us. There might be a little risk that he cannot come but he estimated
> this to be like a 10% chance.
This is great news! I hope we can persuade Anthere to join us as well!
Does anybody have any ideas whom to invite as well? (Academic or
non-academic, from open-source "business" (doesn't fit together too
well...) or something "knowledge-related" etc.)

> Of course I'm willing to help here. I think this team should sit
> together rather soon (next 14 days)
Yes, at least in IRC, if we can't make something "real".
>and collect more ideas about what
> we're gonna show and how we advertize for it, calculate a budget so that
> the partners team knows what to do. In addition this would support a
> team building process. My place would be available for this meeting.
Okay, now we'd have to form the teams first :)
> > ==PR and Media team==
> > quite an important team:
> > a) contact to Media, sending invitations to press etc., making press
> > releases, etc.
> > b) organising the advertising for the Wikipedia Day (in on-and offline
> > agendas, newspapers, maybe create flyers and leaflets etc.
> These two points take most man-hours. We could need every hand to
> distribute flyers in as many places (schools, universities, etc.) as
> possible.
Right. Maybe also in book stores (Orell Füssli) and so on.
> On the other hand it would be good to have articles in many (student)
> newspapers. I will catch an eye on VSETH newspaper.
Right as well.
> > c) looking for some kind of Internet site, if possible and time is
> > there, either we start with www.wikimedia.ch already or we'd use
> > www.wikipediaday.ch or whatever.
> I think this could be done by the technical team.
Yes, but somebody has to provide the content of the pages, and maybe
there are people who are besser in texting and others that are better
in designing internet sites.
> > ==Location team==
> >(...)
> > chairs etc. are organised nicely and so on
> I will deal with ETH Hausdienst about the opening of the location.
> Chairs and normal tables are around. We just have to put them where we
> need them. Food would be a different topic. We could also use "Wikipedia
> Bratwürste" as a marketing idea. (I did not check the legal aspects of
> this proposal yet.)
Hm, Wikipedia is registered trademark, we'd need to doublecheck with
Soufron or Brad Patrick (Wikimedia btw as well, but I mean, they won't
sue us anyway...)
> > ==Partners team==
> > We have not really discussed this yet, but I think, we might still
> > consider finding some sponsors (could be IT companies, but also, if
> > you like better, governmental support or other
> > foundations/associations/"Stiftungen" that would support us.) Because
> > remember, if we want to have some nice flyers/leaflets and so on, and
> > if we want catering, we might reach a point, where we'd quite like
> > some money... BTW: I recently read at Chapters FAQ on Metawiki that
> > Wikimedia Foundation on request also sometimes provides chapters with
> > some "start-up budget", so they could also look at this with Delphine
> > etc.
> It would be nice if our treasury man/woman would join this team. As we
> are an organisation that among other things is supposed to raise money
> for the foundation it could be a wrong sign to accept some start-up
> budget. We should be able to collect the first 1000-2000 Francs by
> ourselves and make a first symbolic donation to the foundation. Not vice
> versa :-) What do you think?
Hm, cf. http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Chapter_co-ordinator#Procedure
of delegation I think, we could accept some help :) (And we could pay
it back by fundraising as much as we can)
> Best regards
> Robin
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