I'd like to notify you that I have created the "Feste Vereinsadresse"
today 1 hour ago (Friday, 11.00) at a small post office in Zurich.
There is one little problem: He told me that we cannot have "8000
Zürich", as 8000 is not an official post code, but only used as
placeholder for all other Zurich post codes (e.g. if you don't know
the post code of the area/quartier of you friend, you can write 8000).
He could also not give me 8001 (for reasons I didn't really
understand, the post office was in the 8001-area), so we agreed on
8008 as third-best solution (at least symmetric). He had to send the
form now to the centrale in Berne, it will take about 1 week to be
processed. The whole business was by the way quite funny:
I went into the post office (Rämistrasse, quite small, but next to my
school), and first talked to an elderly employee who had no idea, that
this service existed. So she called her boss, a quite young, "dynamic"
guy, very friendly, but didn't want to believe in the existence of
Freie Vereinsadresse either. So we used his computer to go to the
post-homepage and find the leaflet about the Vereinsadresse and he
admitted that he had never heard of this before (and that it must be
an extremely new feature). Then he went into his office and started
looking for the form that was needed. He then came back with a
2-pages, small-print form and we spent nice 20 minutes filling out
this form. (We both laughed about it's bureaucracy and both wondered,
why a couple of the fields were there. Then he remarked that he needed
a copy of the resolution (I printed it already out at home) and, as
the Post-customer service had not told me, a copy of the bylaws. So we
again went into internet and he printed out the bylaws full-length.
Then the only remaining were about 3 signatures + my ID card, + his
signature + the postal stamp and we were finally finished.
So he clipped everything together and now it must be on its way to
Berne... (However when I look at the lot of fine-print legal stuff on
the sheet, I would not wonder, if we have forgotten one little
information, but we both did our best...

Michael Bimmler
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