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> I had sent a few months ago a mail to admin.ch to know what was the
> exact license of the official goverment material (pictures and texts).
> Unfortunately, I didn't get an answer hence this post. For example,
> the picture on this page (we all love this site, trust me, it was
> randomly picked up :))
> I know in France the gov. has a special (non-free) license for such
> contents. In USA, gov. material is mostly P.D as you probably know. It
> would be interesting to have a clear answer to this point for Switzerland.

There is none, at least none in the law; as far as I know, each
department/service can decide whatever they want.

I have been lucky with the Parliament, from which I got the
authorisation to use all the (beautiful) images on their web site
basically as if they were in the public domain (many of them have
since been uploaded to commons, mainly by en:User:Lupo).

With other attempts (in particular concerning with the finding of
documentation about the motto of Switzerland, with the Federal
Military Library), I have had technical problems (people who stopped
working there, follow-up addresses that were incorrect, etc). I should
probably give it a try again soon.

I guess one of the first things that Wikimedia CH could do after it is
born is identify a couple of documents that would be worth having on
Wikipedia, and send an official letter asking for the policy of the
Swiss government.

In July, the new law on transparency will be in effect, and everyone
will be allowed to ask the administration for any document (barring
private or security-related stuff, etc), for free if the cost is less
than 100.-. This will probably weaken even more the case for having a
strong copyright on documents created by the administration (if anyone
can get it for free, you can as well make it available publicly).

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