Jürg Wolf wrote:

> * While Wikimedia CH _SHARES_ the objectives of the Wikimedia Foundation 
> (not only in parts), do we have the right to discuss and form these objectives
> actively or do we have to take whatever the Foundation decides, including a
> total change of goals and as a extreme a total commerzialisation?
> I know, these questions can only be asked by a person out of a direct 
> democratic
> structure, but as I read the posting, those thoughts rose in my mind. 

Yep, fair enough...

The goals of Wikimedia CH are indicated at §2.1 -- these are the 
official goals, as defined by the bylaws. §2.3 is here to indicate that 
there is some kind of link with the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), which is 
  obviously required since we share their name, but it does not 
influence by itself the goals as defined earlier.

As I understand it, the word "share" is only informational, meaning: 
"look, these are our goals, and the reason why we have chosen to pursue 
these particular goals is because the WMF is doing this and that and we 
like it". I don't think there is any legal possibility by which an 
association could peg its goals to another entity, and have them change 
any day without the members even knowing about the change -- no way.

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