> The goals of Wikimedia CH are indicated at §2.1 -- these are the
> official goals, as defined by the bylaws. §2.3 is here to indicate that
> there is some kind of link with the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), which is
>   obviously required since we share their name, but it does not
> influence by itself the goals as defined earlier.

You are in the right, our goal is: "...to support the creation,
collection and distribution of Open Content in a not-for-profit way in
order to support education and the equal opportunity of access to

If the foundation took a decision that we do not share (respecting our
goal), we could refuse it following point 2,1 or must accept it
following point 2.2?

> As I understand it, the word "share" is only informational, meaning:
> "look, these are our goals, and the reason why we have chosen to pursue
> these particular goals is because the WMF is doing this and that and we
> like it". I don't think there is any legal possibility by which an
> association could peg its goals to another entity, and have them change
> any day without the members even knowing about the change -- no way.

The Bylaws should be not ambiguous. I suggest to define better the
word "share" in point 2.2 adding another sentence more careful.

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