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> Ilario Valdelli wrote:
> > The Bylaws should be not ambiguous. I suggest to define better the
> > word "share" in point 2.2 adding another sentence more careful.
> I am not against a clarification. We could indicate that the Wikimedia
> CH "shares the objectives of WMF, as they are defined at the time of
> creation of the Association" (which would require us to doublecheck the
> exact content of these objectives during the foundation meeting), making
> sure that we are not bound by any subsequent modification ?

OK, I think we're splitting hairs here. ;-)

First the English "share" really means that Wikimedia CH and Wikimedia
Foundation have *the same kind of objectives*. You share someone's
philosophy, you share someone's ideas, you share someone's goals. It
doesn't mean you have *the exact same* ideas, objectives and

Let's try to put this in situation:

*If* the Foundation went crazy and decided to sell chocolate to make
lots of money out of it instead of working on open content, this
sentence does *not* tie Wikimedia CH to the Foundation's craziness.

This said, *if* the Foundation decided to go into chocolate business,
it would still be the Wikimedia Foundation, thus holding the name
Wikimedia and *you* probably wouldn't want to be called Wikimedia
anymore, so you'd rename the association and start over under the name
"Association for real open content that will not turn into a chocolate
business", for example.

More over, these are your bylaws, a contract between the members and
for future members  of the association and not a contract with the
Foundation, so there is *nothing* the Foundation can do that would
make you go against your goals.

So please, don't read more into this sentence than there really is.
The idea is to be able to drop in the bylaws the fact that the
trademarks are with the Foundation (and that is just the reality).

I find the sentence says exactly what it says, ie. "Wikimedia CH and
the Wikimedia Foundation are working in the same kind of environment".
We're talking about the big picture here.

My two chocolate squares.

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