frederic, you are right, this is somehow broken. and the two
completetely independet things:
 * provide the minutes within 2 months (a long time i thing ...)
 * decide who does what within the comittee
are mixed up in a sentence.

i think the whole bylaws is a little broken in this respect. it is
also broken in german.

the possibiilities are:
* you have defined roles (e.g. president, vize president,
  finance person, etc):
  * members vote for people in the comittee, the elected people
    decide who takes what role
  * members vote for persons in a certain role.
* you have no defined roles:
   * the persons elected are free to decide afterwards who
     does what within the responsibility of the comittee, i.e.
     they define their roles too.

and often you have a mixed thing: you have a defined role "president",
and otherwise the elected people are free to decide about their roles.


On 4/14/06, Frederic Schutz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Jürg Studer wrote:
> >>> The minutes are to be made available to the Association members not
> >>> more than two months after a decision has been made, otherwise the
> >>> committee constitutes itself.
> >> I understand the general idea, but my dictionaries do not know any
> >> meaning of the work "constitute" that would fit this sentence (neither
> >> does the website
> >
> > maybe this helps: constituer
> Hum... no, it does not really help... Looking at the German text, it may
> also be the word "otherwise" that confuses me: I don't really see how
> the two parts of the sentence are related.
> Are we saying that the comitee must provide the minutes, but that
> otherwise, it is free to get organised as it wants ?
> Frederic
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