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> Jürg Studer wrote:
> >>> The minutes are to be made available to the Association members not
> >>> more than two months after a decision has been made, otherwise the
> >>> committee constitutes itself.
> >> I understand the general idea, but my dictionaries do not know any
> >> meaning of the work "constitute" that would fit this sentence (neither
> >> does the website http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=constitute).
> >
> > maybe this helps: constituer
> Hum... no, it does not really help... Looking at the German text, it may
> also be the word "otherwise" that confuses me: I don't really see how
> the two parts of the sentence are related.
> Are we saying that the comitee must provide the minutes, but that
> otherwise, it is free to get organised as it wants ?
It's definitely mixed up:
First sentence = Committee (hey, by the way, why are we always using
the term commitee instead of board?) must send its minutes to its
members at the latest 2 months after. (Full stop). Then there comes
another sentence, meaning "The Committee does "organise" it self, i.e.
on the first associations, roles will be distributed (president is
voted separatly by member's association, but roles like treasurer,
secretary, vice-president, PR etc. are chosen by the board/committee
itself)." This doesn't have anything to do with the last sentence, I
don't even see why it's in this clause/part of the paragraph, the
german "Im übrigen" which was translated into "Otherwise", was somehow
intended to indicate "This last sentence has not so much to do with
the other sentences here" but the "otherwise" does not show this
anymore. My proposal: move the "otherwise the committee constitutes
itself" (german: Im übrigen etc.) away from §10.3 to §10.1 (The
committee consists of a president and 4 – 6 further members), there it
fits much better.
PS: I hope we have not any more strange things in the bylaws, we may
have to make a final proofreading session at the founding assembly,
because when we have once voted the bylaws, we cannot just fix these
things quickly but have to call together the members assembly each
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